AS3 Syntax Highlighting (with SyntaxHighlighter)

I spent a little free time and added AS3 support to SyntaxHighlighter.

Here’s a sample.

According to Alex Gorbatchev (the creator of SyntaxHighlighter) it should be added to the next release. But until then, you can download the source here.

It’s pretty straight forward to use, but just in case:

  1. Download the latest SyntaxHighlighter source.
  2. Download my AS3 extension.
  3. Place the compressed script in SyntaxHighlighter’s Scripts directory.
  4. Replace the css file in SyntaxHighlighter’s Styles directory if you like my version of the code block more than the default.
  5. Upload the SyntaxHighlighter directory to your server.
  6. At the minimum, add the following to your head tag (pointing to wherever you have placed your js, css and flash files):

  7. Create a pre block similar to the following:

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