Go to Declaration in MonoDevelop with Command-Click

13th Nov 2013

I got used to Command-Clicking on classes and methods in Xcode and was missing it when I started playing around with Unity and MonoDevelop. If you miss it as well, here’s a trick to add the functionality.

Updated Solution: AS3 Security Error #2122 with 300 Redirects

28th Dec 2011

Quite a while ago Steven Sacks posted a solution to 300 redirects when loading images in Flash.
This seemed to work most of the time but the solution does not work every time (at least anymore).

AS3 Facebook Graph API Branch

6th Mar 2011

If you’re using the officially supported AS3 Facebook library, you might want to check out my branch…

OMGPOP is Hiring!

12th Mar 2010

Yay! Come join me!

Geocoding with Papervision3D Update

6th Sep 2009

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article for Adobe Edge on how to geocode with Papervision3D. I have updated this project to work with the latest Papervision3D library and made the markers interactive.

Writing XIFF Extensions To Pass Custom Data Over XMPP

30th Jul 2009

Learn how to write your own XIFF extensions with custom data that can be sent over XMPP.

Embedding Fonts Using External SWF Files

5th Apr 2009

Learn how to embed fonts in external SWF files, using Flash’s character embedding panel, for use in Flex and ActionScript projects.


23rd Feb 2009

I’ve been working on building a chat room using XMPP (Jabber) and the XIFF AS3 API and have released a full-featured XIFF overview demo with source code.

AS3 Syntax Highlighting (with SyntaxHighlighter 2.0)

17th Feb 2009

SyntaxHighlighter was recently updated to 2.0 so I updated my AS3 brush to be compatible.

And it begins… again

2nd Feb 2009

An introduction to yourpalmark and an explanation of the retirement of digitalflipbook.