And it begins… again

For quite a while I’ve been a bit bored with digitalflipbook.
Not so much the content of the site, but the look and the name.
I put up my first iteration of the site in early 2000 when I was graduating from college and looking to create a portfolio website to land my first job. At the time I really liked the name. It literally was a digital version of my portfolio of 3D animation and artwork (which I associated with one of those little books that when flipped would show an animation).
As of late though, I’ve felt like “digital” has a bit of a dated connotation and the site has moved on from a designer’s portfolio site to a developer’s technical blog.

So without further ado I welcome you to yourpalmark.

Now you might be saying, “but the name ‘yourpalmark’ doesn’t connotate a technical blog”… and you’d be right.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring so I’ve decided on a name that just represents me.
This allows me to keep the blog going in its current form as a technical resource for Flash and Flex but also keep it open-ended in case I ever decide to become a game show host.

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