And it begins …

Well, I’ve been meaning to update this website for a LONG time, and I thought, what better way to KEEP it updated then with a blog. So digitalflipbook officially launches.

I’ve had this url sitting here for quite a while … and only mainly used it to upload files to share with the 3dsmax and Flash communities. I’m hoping to keep up the community support, but with the blog, provide tutorials and other information as I can.

A quick introduction: My name is Mark Walters. I live in Atlanta and am currently working as a Multimedia Developer for a medical education agency providing 3D animations and Flash CDROM and web applications for many of the large pharmaceutical companies around.

Alright, enough of that. If you’ve managed to swing by my site, thanks for taking the time. Drop me a comment if you get a chance … and I’ll talk with you soon!

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