Firefox and the Web Developer Extension

I know I’m a little slow here, but I finally got around to installing the Web Developer extension for Firefox and am completely blown away! I can’t believe how much time this could have saved me. The feature that completely got me is the edit CSS tool. You can edit the CSS of any site that you are viewing directly on the screen. Change text-decoration from none to underline and it immediately updates the site on the fly. And that’s just one of the MANY options available to you. Among some of the others are being able to resize the browser to custom sizes (800×600) with the click of a button, outline tables, cells, frames, etc on the site, validate the html, css, etc, view a speed report of the site, and more. This extension is going to keep me entertained for quite a while and ease web design infinitely.
You can download the latest version directly from Chris Pederick (he developed the extension).

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