NYC, Here we come !

NYC, Here we come !
My wife just got a promotion with her company a couple of weeks ago (congrats debber!) and, since I turned in my 2 week notice to my company on Friday, I can now blog about it … we’re moving to New York City! Well, to be completely accurate we’re actually moving to Jersey City, but we both have jobs in New York City!

Everything’s moving so fast, but I’m so excited! Its going to be completely different then Atlanta … I’m not going to need a car!

I’d love to meet up with some fellow New York flashers once I’m up there, so drop me an email or comment and let’s get together.

Alright … back to the boxes, where did I leave that packing tape.

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  • Welcome to NYC! If you want to meet other NY flashers you should check out NYMMUG. Next meeting details below:

    Topic: Making Life Easier with JSFL.
    Date: Thursday, 5/26/2005
    Presenters: Hudson Ansley and Steve Warren.
    Location: Motion Over Time, 18 West 21st Street 5th Floor. 212-229-1148

    Email if you plan to attend.

    Also Flashforward 2005 will be in town 7/6-8.

    Good luck!

  • Hey Felix,

    Thanks for the invite, I’d love to go.
    Unfortunately, I can’t make the one on the 26th only because we won’t be up there until June 5th, but please keep me informed on any more upcoming meetings. Wow, I love the Flash community, everyone’s so nice!!

    Thanks again and I’ll definitely be in touch!

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