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Since Keith Peters posted the cool tools that he uses, I thought I’d throw mine out there too. A few are on Keith’s list, but many aren’t.
I also decided to point out the Firefox extensions that I have installed that have come in quite handy.


A.F.5 Rename – easily rename multiple files
Atomic Clock Sync – sync computer time to atomic time
Charles – view all of the HTTP traffic between your machine and the internet and test sites on slower connections
FlashDevelop – my new favorite ActionScript editor
Flash Plugin Switcher – name says it all
FLVPlayer – nice free flv player
PrimalScript – fantastic script editor
TaskSwitchXP – Alt+Tab replacement
TortoiseSVN – windows shell for subversion
TransTypePro – best tool for converting mac fonts to pc (mac software not windows)
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools – includes tail for windows xp … check out my link on how to use it

Firefox extensions:

Charles Autoconfiguration
Google Toolbar for Firefox
IE Tab
Live HTTP Headers
View Rendered Source Chart
Web Developer

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