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  • On OS X (I am still on PPC) to avoid having to create an mm.cfg file you can read the generated flashlog.txt file directly via terminal

    And by creating alias to the paths things could not be simpler

    Paste these 2 lines into Terminal (change your Username before hand then press return after each)
    Alias 1:

    alias trace=tail\ -f\ “/Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/Logs/flashlog.txt”

    Alias 2:
    alias cleartrace=rm\ -f\ “/Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/Logs/flashlog.txt”

    You will need the debug player of course:
    Flash Debug Player

    Then to watch the live tracing from your browser open Terminal and type trace

  • I have used this method for a long time now and have loved it! But I upgrade to Flash Player 10 Debug worked, worked ok for a bit, and now nothing.

    Any ideas with FP 10 Debug? All the files are in the same places unless those are left over from FP 9.

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