Its been way too long since I got a post up here, but I thought I would quickly let you know I wasn’t dead and give you a few of the reasons why it has been that long:

1) Buying a new place in Jersey City. Sooo much more time consuming, difficult, and expensive than buying in Atlanta.
2) Training our new french bulldog puppy ( Jacques Francois ).
3) Trying to spend as much time as possible with my wife.
4) Work, work and more work.
5) Freelance, freelance and you get the point.
6) Tech-editing the upcoming AS3 Bible.

One thing I have been meaning to write about, that I’ll quickly touch on, is FlashDevelop 3. The 2nd beta has already been released and I’ve been using it for all of my development for the past month and a half, building from the source daily. It is very stable and so much better to work with than FD2… and I was a big proponent of that.
So go download it, try it out, and shoot Philippe, Nick and the rest of the FD crew your comments and thank yous because its a great app for flash, and now flex, development.

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