Complete Site Overhaul

It might not look like much of a difference, but digitalflipbook has been rebuilt from the ground up.
Movable Type 4 came out last month and I finally got around to updating my site.

MT always allows for an easy upgrade process, but this latest version is quite a departure from their previous versions. To fully take advantage of all of the new capabilities and features, you can’t do a simple update. Instead, I had to backup my original and then build my site again from scratch using the new features.

Its been quite a headache, but I am finally much happier with what’s behind-the-scenes.
Before, the css was all over the place, but now I’ve made a digitalflipbook theme. What this means is that all of the specific site styles and images are in a completely separate directory and if I want, I can now completely change the look of the site with the press of a button, but maintain the structure.

Another reason for the upgrade was that I was getting inundated with spam comments and needed a better way of managing them. MT4 is now built in with CAPTCHA support and allows for additional CAPTCHA plugins. I decided to go with reCAPTCHA, which so far seems great.

I did quite a bit of testing before replacing the previous site, but issues can always arise. If you notice anything, please let me know and use that updated comment system down there. 🙂

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  • Might be a little picky, but it would be nice if your template had your feed display in the typical orange colored “XML”/”RSS” type button. It took me a little bit of looking around to find it and get my RSS feed back updated here.

    You may also want to make sure your feeds are backwards compatible from before, but thats a major PITA, and I haven’t even got around to doing that on alot of pages after changing blog platforms altogether.

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