AS3ScribdLib Released

I just finished AS3ScribdLib, the AS3 API for Scribd.

The source code can be found on Google Code:

The project has the following dependencies:

* (Only necessary for running unit tests for the library)

The project has the following known issues:

* docs.upload() and docs.uploadFromUrl() not functioning properly
* user.signup() not functioning properly

After committing to creating the API I quickly realized that it is not the API for iPaper, but the actual API for handling document upload and management and user registration for the overall Scribd service.
Once I get upload and signup functioning 100%, I’ll move onto iPaper to see what API might be available for it.

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  • I’d love to see or hear any information you have on this and with iPaper once you get into it. Linking this up with Flex would AWESOME!!!

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