Go to Declaration in MonoDevelop with Command-Click

I got used to Command-Clicking on classes and methods in Xcode and was missing it when I started playing around with Unity and MonoDevelop. If you miss it as well, here’s a trick to add the functionality.

First, you’ll need a tool to associate mouse clicks and gestures with key commands. I use BetterTouchTool. I’m sure there are others with similar setups, but below outlines how to do this with BetterTouchTool.

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Click on Normal Mice
  3. Add MonoDevelop as a new Application for App Specific gestures
  4. Select MonoDevelop in the left column and click Add New Button in the right column
  5. In the options at the bottom, add Leftclick with the Command option selected
  6. In the Custom Keyboard Shortcut, add Command-Y (the shortcut in MonoDevelop for Go to Declaration)
  7. Close the BetterTouchTool window and go back to MonoDevelop
  8. Try Command-Clicking on a class or method and you will be taken directly to that declaration


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