FlashPaper Component Tutorial

16th Jun 2006

Here’s a tutorial walking you through the usage of the complete API for my FlashPaper component.

FlashPaper Component 0.7

14th Jun 2006

Complete rewrite of my FlashPaper component to extend MovieClip rather than UIComponent.

Flex from a Flash Developer’s Perspective

25th May 2006

If you’re not quite sure how Flex fits into your Flash world, you should definitely check these links out.

New Host

12th May 2006

Just finished transferring over my site to a new host.

FlashDevelop 2 RC1

9th Mar 2006

My new ActionScript editor of choice.

Some More Cool Tools …

20th Jan 2006

Here’s a list of some tools that I use almost every day.

SE|PY 1.5

22nd Dec 2005

Alessandro has released an update to his popular ActionScript editor.

Deja Vu – Another Gigantic Multimedia Acquisition

4th Oct 2005

Autodesk acquires Alias… Maya and 3ds Max now under the same company umbrella.

GLIC … err … mCOM component set available!!!

1st Sep 2005

Metaliq finally releases the long-awaited mCom component set.

Trace from the browser, using standard trace()

1st Jul 2005

A detailed tutorial on setting up your computer to view trace output from the browser.