FlashPaper Component 0.6

UPDATE (April 22, 2007):
FlashPaper 0.8 has been released.

I’ve updated my FlashPaper component!

The major change is that it is now compatible with Flash Player 6 as well as 7 (Thanks to Jesse Warden for the suggestions). I also packaged it in an mxp to easily install with the Extension Manager.

The component still uses MovieClipLoader if your movie is exported to 7, but if it is exported to 6 it uses loadMovie instead.
The only difference that you should notice between exporting to 6 instead of 7 is if you are using the onFlashPaperLoaded event. That event will be broadcast at the same time as onFlashPaperDisplayed with Player 6 because without MovieClipLoader it can no longer determine exactly when the FlashPaper has loaded vs displayed. The events still work as expected when exporting to Player 7.

The FlashPaper component simplifies the process of working with the FlashPaper API and adds functionality either not documented or not provided in the API.

– Unzip FlashPaper_0.6.zip
– DoubleClick on FlashPaperComponent.mxp to install with the Extension Manager.

FlashPaper Component Documentation

Download FlashPaper

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  • Hi,

    This is a wonderful component. Is it possible to find text in one page and select the found text all at once “Not by clicking the next button”.

    Also, is it possible to change the colour of selection, currently it is ‘green’.


  • Hey Jack,

    Unfortunately, the options you’re requesting are built into FlashPaper itself and not my component. As the component progresses, I would love to be able to change more of FlashPaper’s built-in features – it just requires me spending some research time trying to figure out how much can and can’t be messed with. Skinning (at least highlight colors) is high on the list.


  • Hi,

    really great component! It simplifies the usage very much. One problem i have: when loading flashpaper into a flash file the popup button does not work in ie 6. no problems with firefox. Is there a workaround?

    Thank you very much and best regards!

  • Great component! Has saved me a lot of time.

    Any ideas on how to get bookmarks in MS Word docs to display correctly in FlashPaper swfs?

    A bookmark placed at the top of a page will not cause the top of the page to be visible when jumped to from an internal link.


  • Hi,
    Great tool thanks!

    I’m trying to load another flashpaper document from within an existing flash paper document by calling a function which contains a call to .load method & passing the path in. It can get it to actually load the document in, but unfortuantly for some reason it resizes the document to being just a little smaller than the area, the border around the document frame stays the same size???

    Any help appreciated with this…


  • Thank you for component.

    Could you tell me what script FlashPaper uses to open the current FP in a new window and doesn’t seem to need the actual file name (*.swf) to do it?

    Thanks very much.

  • The ability to turn off the brand, while it technically violates the EULA :), is fantastic. I can’t seem to set any of the UIElements with actionscript (showUIElement) except Brand – the others it just ignores and uses what is set on the object already on the stage. Also, is there any way to completely turn off the gradiant at the top?

    Thanks so much – this is great.

  • I would like to know if there is the possibility to disable the print button from the menu with this component?

    Thanks in adnvance,

  • I tried to install the component via the extension manager in flash 6, but it does not appear anywhere. Is there something I did wrong?

  • I’m using the component for displaying FP within an online tutorial. I have my next and prev buttons detecting the left and right arrows. When I use these to navigate from one page with the FP component to another, weird things happen – specifically, the FP document within the component loads, yet the component seems to skips the resizing, and UI redrawing. The effect is that the FP doc has all of the menu items turned on and the document is the default size. I suspect that the FP doc is reacting to the arrow keys and causes flash to act in a way that makes the next instance of FP buggy.
    Any thoughts?

  • This tool may be a big time help to me. I have been working on a swf file for the last 6 months and have had issues loading files.
    My issue now is while brousing in my swf file I
    come to a link to the new flashpaper file..when
    I push the link, the flashpaper opens but when I close it it closes the entire swf file due to it opening in the same viewer.. Anyone with ideas?

  • I am very new on the use of flash components. Could any of you be so kind to post an example of the component?. I do not understand how to write the document path. Any .fla will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance


  • Is it possible to use the FP component with the XMLConnector component? I have not been able to use the two together.


  • I’m trying to pass a javascript variable to the flashpaper doc via an html link that tells the FP to go to a specific page. I’m using the js to “talk” to a function using the setcurrentpage method, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m positive the communication between the js and swf works. Would you happen to have a solution or know why this may not be working? The error I’m getting is that the object doesn’t support the property or method.

  • Hi,

    Can you use a “onLoadError” function if you load a flashpaper file into another flash movie?



  • Damon wrote:
    “the FP document within the component loads, yet the component seems to skips the resizing, and UI redrawing. The effect is that the FP doc has all of the menu items turned on and the document is the default size.”
    ..same problem here. Not when browsing, but when reloading a document into the same component. Any thoughts?
    great work nevertheless. ^^

  • Great component thank you.

    Can anybody give some example code using the Listener. I have no problem using Flash’s listeners, but I am obviously missing something here.

  • anyone know how to turn off the highlight color of text within the document? we want to preserve the function of searching for text within the document, but disable the green highlight color when that text is found. thanks!

  • Hi,

    First of all I would really like to thank the guy who invented this really cool extension. I did faced a big problem when dealing with flash paper in the flash project that I’m doing but fortunately this cool component saved my day.

    Looking forward to an update for this, maybe with little more functions.

    Thanks again.

  • To Ed.

    Hi. Ed, you have to call the showUIElement in the OnDisplay Event. Otherwise they wouldn’t work but the brand.

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