Penner AS2 ProFMX: Package Updates

There is always a fine line between how long you should devote to the planning stages of a project and when you just need to crank through stuff and get it out. With this Penner AS2 project that I’ve undertaken, I wanted to start releasing as soon as I made the announcement. Even though I had spent plenty of time up front thinking through the book and all the different classes that would need to be converted, I didn’t give the package names that much forethought. Penner had already come up with most of the class names (although in certain circumstances I have tweaked the name where I thought appropriate), but in AS1 there was obviously no need to think through package names.

The package names I initially chose for the classes I’ve released to date made sense at first, but as I started moving my way through the book I found areas where I wasn’t thinking broadly enough. I’ve decided to go back and update these packages to follow standards set in place by Macromedia (Adobe) for the naming conventions of their packages… and to be the most up-to-date, I have decided to follow the AS3 package conventions, which vary slightly from the Flash 8 package conventions.

The vector classes will now be under the geom package and the math classes will be under the utils package and some actual class names might be tweaked slightly as well.

As soon as I get everything updated (including the previous posts), I will make a new post with all of the details. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I think in the long-run this will make more sense and allow the robertpenner namespace to remain flexible.

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