Penner AS2 ProFMX: Chapter 8: Physics

Penner AS2 ProFMX: Chapter 8: Physics
We’re moving directly from Chapter 5 to Chapter 8 of Robert Penner’s Programming Flash MX.
We’re skipping Chapter 6 because it’s all about event-based programming and uses the old ASBroadcaster, so there’s no need to go into it. If you’re interested in event-based programming after reading the chapter and don’t know much about it, look into, there’s a ton of documentation out there on it.
We’re also skipping Chapter 7 because it focuses on the Motion and Tween classes that Macromedia licensed from Penner and wrapped into one mx.transitions.Tween class, so no need to recreate that class, although we will need to use it for the class I have converted in Chapter 8. Penner himself converted the other classes from Chapter 7 to AS2: the now famous easing equations that you can download from his site.

Chapter 8 begins to delve into the world of physics. Most of the chapter focuses on using the Vector class with the core principles–velocity, acceleration, force–and the relationships between them.

This chapter contains only one class: WaveMotion, which will be included in the com.robertpenner.effects namespace.


Penner AS2 ProFMX: Chapter 8 Classes


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