Penner AS2 ProFMX: Chapter 9: Coloring with ActionScript

Penner AS2 ProFMX: Chapter 9: Coloring with ActionScript
Chapter 9 of Robert Penner’s Programming Flash MX provides an extensive collection of custom methods that allow for more intuitive color manipulation.

I have gone through and converted all of Penner’s work to support not only the Color object, but also the ColorTransform object. So if you are using Flash 8, you have the choice of either workflows.
I have also tried to make the classes as flexible as possible to allow you to work with the Color and ColorTransform classes the way you like. For example, Color and ColorTransform each have a util class that allows you to pass in your respective object and decorate it with the new methods. They also each have an extended class that provides the new methods. And finally, they each have a class that allows you to decorate a particular MovieClip or all MovieClips with the new methods.

This chapter contains six classes, three based upon the Color object and another three based upon the ColorTransform object: ColorUtil and ColorTransformUtil, which will be included in the com.robertpenner.utils namespace, XColor and XColorTransform, which will be included in the namespace, and ColorClip and ColorTransformClip, which will be included in the com.robertpenner.display namespace.


Penner AS2 ProFMX: Chapter 9 Classes


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