LuminicBox.Log – AS3 Update

LuminicBox.Log - AS3 Update
I use LuminicBox.Log all of the time for AS2 projects and as I’m transitioning more and more to AS3 projects, I realized I really missed it. I took some time today and updated the classes and even the FlashInspector to AS3 (hopefully Pablo Costantini doesn’t mind). I needed to update FlashInspector so that it could interpret some of the new AS3 types: root, stage, DisplayObject, XMLList, SimpleButton, etc). The documentation has been updated with asdoc as well. The flash example files that are included have been updated and only work from the Flash 9 Preview. Let me know if there’s anything I missed or if you notice any bugs.

Updated AS3 version.

Original AS2 version.

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  • I am having problems with the FlashInspector display of XML data. For example, the following XML:<User>staras</User>
    will display correctly using the TracePublisher, but will not display properly when clicking on it in the FlashInspector. It is missing the XML Node content. Here is the output in the FlashInspector:
    NOTE: staras is NOT displayed.
    I think this is just a problem in the way the FlashInspector is displaying the XML as it displays properly using the TracePublisher.
    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • guys, I had successfully compiled my SWF, I’m calling LuminicBox dir when building it, but it won’t display anything either launching it later, or while the building!?

    I’m running my Eclipse on Mac OS (10.4), any ideas!?


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the AS3 port, really nice!.

    I’m having trouble tracing out an event object. In the FlashInspector it says +{object} but there is nothing in there. is this a known problem?

    Thanks in advance,

    Sidney de Koning

  • Can you upload the AS2 version of LuminicBox.Log that you have here for download? The link to the older version is 404 and no longer available.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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