SyntaxHighlighter in phpBB

After adding AS3 support to SyntaxHighlighter, I got hooked on it.

I offered to setup a forum at work, and after some time debating between phpBB and Vanilla, I decided upon the latest phpBB 3.
After getting it all setup, one of the most annoying things was how code blocks looked when posted. The default code block in phpBB allows for only php syntax. So I got to work on adding in SyntaxHighlighter.

It was surprisingly harder than I thought. I ended up having to manipulate some of the underlying php code of the forum to get it to function 100% (before doing that, the forum would always adjust the code to show up on one single line).

To make it easier for other people, I’ve created a phpBB SyntaxHighlighter mod.

As I said above, this was built for phpBB 3, not 2.

Please update me here or at the phpBB forum if you find any bugs or have any requests.

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