navigateToURL() Static Window Constants

Not that its a big deal at all, but since almost every constant string value in AS3 is provided in a class as a static constant property, why is there no class that contains the constant window values for navigateToURL()?

Shouldn’t there be a class that provides the following?:

public static const SELF:String = "_self";
public static const BLANK:String = "_blank";
public static const PARENT:String = "_parent";
public static const TOP:String = "_top";

Like I said, its not a big deal, since its simple enough to do. Just seems like something left out from the AS3 classes.

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  • Yea that does seems strange but even the class that you import for navigateToURL isn’t really a full class but a package? It seems weird that you’d import it under the thought that it would be it’s own class when you’re only using the method.

  • I believe navigateToURL is actually a package level function, if that is the case I am not even sure where the proper place to put these constants would be.

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