NYC, Here we come !

15th May 2005

We’re packing up and moving to Gotham.

FlashPaper Component 0.6

24th Apr 2005

I’ve updated my FlashPaper component to make it compatible with Flash Player 6 as well as 7.

LuminicBox.Log – Nice Flash debugging tool

10th Apr 2005

When trace just isn’t enough, you need to get LuminicBox.Log.


29th Mar 2005

I’ve created a tool for SEPY that outputs NaturalDocs documentation for any class.

I’m in Pixel Magazine !!!

17th Mar 2005

I was just voted one of the top maxscript developers in the world and featured in Pixel Magazine.

Buckyball 1.00

16th Mar 2005

A 3ds Max script that makes it easy to create buckyballs (and other geometric shapes).

Tracer 1.30

11th Mar 2005

A 3ds Max script that sets up planes in your viewport to apply reference photos as a guide for building your 3d model.

DF Downloads

11th Mar 2005

I’ve added a downloads page to DigitalFlipbook.

Firefox and the Web Developer Extension

4th Mar 2005

A Firefox toolbar for web designers and developers that has tons of features, including the ability to edit the CSS of any site live.

And it begins …

1st Mar 2005

The launch of DigitalFlipbook.